Recommended Reading

Weather you are an experienced dog handler or just getting into the field knowledge can make the difference from a successful search and a failed search.  Here is some reading that will help.

Police Dog Tactics

by Sandy Bryson

The latest book by K9 trainer Sandy Bryson. While much of the book covers Law Enforcement K9 training it is comprehensive in its coverage of general scent dog training. There are excellent chapters on dog selection and initial training, along with specifics of search and rescue. The search and rescue chapter covers all aspects of K9 SAR. This book is well illustrated and contains excellent photos. I would recommend this as an excellent resource for SAR dog training. - ASD Member Chris Dover

Search Dog Training

by Sandy Bryson

This book is still considered one of the best resources for SAR dog training. It is not only well written, and an enjoyable read, it is comprehensive in its content. Sandy Bryson is one of the premier K9 trainers and was instrumental in establishing SAR dogs and their use in the United States. She fills her book with knowledge gained through hundreds of missions. Information in this book is timeless, clearly written, and would be an asset to any SAR dog handler's library. - ASD Member Chris Dover

Ready! the Training of the Search and Rescue Dog

by Susan Bulanda

All America is thrilled by Search and Rescue missions, especially when the well-trained dogs are brought in to save victims of earthquakes, hurricanes and man-made disasters. We watch with fascination and horror as these tales unfold across our TV sets. This is one of the few comprehensive books on the training of SAR dogs. It is a complete approach to training for this type of dog. (Amazon Editorial Review)

Scent and the Scenting Dog

by William Syrotuck

William Syrotuck spent years developing and researching the olfactory system in dogs. He brings knowledge in this concise, easy to understand book.

Search and Rescue Dogs, 2nd Edition

by American Rescue Dog Association

This is a good resource for a SAR dog trainer. While primarily covering air scenting it also contains information on motivation that would be valuable to any dog handler. This book is laid out with sequential excercises and also addresses numerous specialty areas. It contains very good illustrations and photographs. This is a much-improved resource compared to the first edition of this book. This book would be a good addition to a SAR dog handler's library. - ASD Member Chris Dover

Cadaver Dog Handbook

by Andrew Rebmann, Edward David, Marcella H. Sorg

This book covers the training, handling, and utilization of dogs trained to find human decomposition scent. It contains sequential training, types of aids, legal issues, record keeping, and principles of forensic science in relation to dog use. A valuable resource for a K9 handler interested in human remains detection, or introducing a general SAR dog to this type of scent. - ASD Member Chris Dover

Schutzhund obedience: Training in drive with Gottfried Dildei

by Sheila Booth

This book is out of print, but links to it on Amazon are provided in case a used one shows up. If you can find a copy it would make an excellent book for a dog triner's library. It is not really about Schutzhund, but more about positively motivating your dog to work. It contains sequential exercises that lead your dog through a fun way to learning obedience. You might want to check out Sheila Booth's other books, they may fill the gap this book has left by being out of print. "Purely Positive Training: Companion to Competition" would be one of them. - ASD Member Chris Dover

Tracking Dog Theory and Methods

by Glen R. Johnson

A complete guide to tracking training from novice to expert. This book is written with the competitive tracker in mind, but is solid in its foundation training, and has excellent illustrations on tracking and problem setting. A SAR dog started in this methodology will be solid in its tracking ability, and can easily adapt to SAR tracking or trailing needs. - ASD Member Chris Dover

K9 Scent Detection

by Jan Kaldenback

This book contains excellent information on K9 drives, how they process scent, the right dog for the job, and how they find humans. It is filled with good diagrams and illustrations and includes detailed instruction on how to train a K9 in scent detection for tracking work, drug detection and human scent discrimination. - ASD Member Chris Dover

Fire weather: A guide for application of meteorological information to forest fire control operations (Agriculture handbook)

by Mark J Schroeder

This is a handbook published by the Boise Interagency Fire Center. It is out of print. Links to the book on Amazon are provided if a used copy shows up. If you can find a copy it would be invaluable to a SAR dog handlers library. Understanding fire weather, air current movement and how fires burn is directly connected to how weather affects scent and how scent moves in mountain environments. This is a difficult read, but understanding this information will create a better understanding of how scent is transported and lead to better utilization of a SAR dog in collecting scent information. - ASD Member Chris Dover

Avalanche! Hasty Search

by Patti Burnett

This book is dedicated to the SAR dog specialty of avalanche search. This book covers handler preparation, dog selection, training progressions, how scent works in snow, certification and actual search missions. It is a very good resource for anyone interested in avalanche search with his or her dog. - ASD Member Chris Dover