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In Memory of Eiger
Red Lodge, Montana

"After dog understood... then GOD turned to man and said, "Behold, this is your partner. You shall worship him as he worships you. It is your duty to be kind to this gentle beast and know that in his mute way, he loves you. Your purpose is to care for him, through youth and age, until he can serve no more. Understand that your final act of love will take courage. Spare your partner any pain. Save his dignity. Know that he will never lie to you, he will always understand you and that his love will be blind. You are commanded to use him in service to mankind. I have placed him here as a guardian angel for you, to watch over you and care for you. He is from heaven, therefore divine. Let his character speak to your heart and be the example for you to follow. He shall fulfill your inequities. He shall be everything humanity strives to be: Honest, Loyal, Kind in Heart, and Strong in Spirit. Therefore, you shall call him PARTNER and best friend."