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Wenatchees Inferno’s Wild One
July 2, 1993 - August 5, 2003

Targhee was my do it all dog... my “finder of lost things.” I couldn’t go for a walk without him bringing some human scented treasure back to me or at least tell me there was something I should see there.. Someone’s hat, a fishing rod, baseballs hit into the sage brush behind the field. He loved to search, but he also loved to find.
He never balked at anything I asked of him... we were a team. He could tell me so much with his eyes, I truly learned to read him and we became one mind. It is a great loss when we lose a partner of ten years, but Targhee will always have a place in my heart that carries the ache of my loss, but also the love of the years we were allowed to work together to help others in need.
--Chris Dover