Search Dog Training

Training a search dog requires patience, determination, people to search for, a dog who's willing to work, and a good mentor. For the uninitiated, the task can be daunting, especially if it's just a "part time thing". It's easy to push the dog too fast, or not progress fast enough, finding a balance which maintains the dog's drive, and your own is important.

A good dog will learn quickly, a good handler will train a good dog even quicker. It will take a qualified, experienced handler about a year to bring an adult dog up to the standard necessary to become operational and longer for a new handler. This includes 4 to 5 training sessions a week. Each session can take anywhere from one to many hours depending on the complexity of the search problem, and the amount of time available. It's quite a commitment, however it can be quite rewarding when your dog assists in finding a missing person.