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Chris has been a SAR dog handler since 1987 and has experience in backcountry searches and swiftwater rescue. Her search partner is Jäger.  Chris was the first non-founding member of ASD when she joined in 1987 with her dog, Shaman. Chris's former search partners, Shaman and Targhee will be remembered for their service. Chris's current search partner is Jäger, who became operational with Chris in 2003 in area and trailing. His "vacuum cleaner" tracking style is only broken up intermittently when he bounds back to Chris to make sure she's still following. His enthusiasm for his job reflects Chris's training expertise. ASD is proud to have a competent team such as Chris and Jäger on the roster. Jäger and Chris are operational in trailing, area, water and cadaver. Chris lives in Bozeman where she is a full time kindergarten through grade 5 physical education teacher. Her teaching experience lends itself seamlessly to her role as trainer and she has a careful sense of teaching new handlers in the specifics of search dog training. Chris has two son's, Garrett who is a F-16 pilot in the Air Force stationed in Korea, and Quinn who is a F-15 crew chief in the Air Force stationed in Okinawa, Japan.